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 Set Up A Laptop Business Lifestyle

What’s a “Laptop Business Lifestyle?”

It’s a lifestyle where you set up and operate a business online allowing you to work from your laptop and live anywhere in the world leveraging your time to work whenever you like.

The ‘Laptop Business Lifestyle’ shuns the regular 9 to 5 work routine traveling from home to an office location but instead focus on growing and operating your online business without the constraint of geographical location or time of day. You work where you choose and when you choose, but you work!

This Is NOT About…

… A ‘push-button scheme or scam’ where you don’t have to work and yet become a millionaire overnight. No one can set up a business and make money without doing anything!

If you are looking for shortcuts, hacking loopholes for quick and easy ways to riches then this is definitely NOT FOR YOU!

So Who Is This For

This is for those who want to run a business yet enjoy the freedom of time and travel as in working when they choose and where they choose.

Maybe you’re a newcomer to the online business world and you struggle with technology and the know-how.

You waste a lot of time and effort doing research worrying constantly of being ripped off or receiving wrong information and making mistakes and completely being overwhelmed with how to move forward constructively.

A more productive way forward is to study the business models that have been proven successful for others. Learn the pros & cons of each of these models. Pick the one that best suits your profile and work attitude then implement it until you create a sustainable income. Whether you become a millionaire is completely up to you, but you at least will have a sustainable business online and the lifestyle you choose.

Some Proven “Laptop Business Lifestyle” Models

Online Business Models

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Your Personal Website/Blog

Which model works for you will depend on your personal attitude and work ethics.

Of course being online business models they all need a Website to start with.

OK, now the next step is to create a website/blog. If you’re serious about marketing yourself online, it is critical that you have your own personal website. People will find you online, read about you, learn from you… and then contact you directly.

Your website is your online marketing hub. And in recent years, blogging has created more millionaires than almost anything else online. With your blog we will teach you exactly step by step how to become the leader and the authority in your industry with the leads you have generated with your lead capture system.

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Other Helpful Tools/Resources

If you really want to get started with a free site you can get one at Or you might want to build your own self-hosted website using the free

There are many free Tools and Resources that are useful to you.

Click the link below and browse.


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